About Lentekabinet

Welcome to the 11th edition of Lentekabinet, your big spring adventure and the bright kick-off of another promising season. Dekmantel’s annual festival touches down just north of Amsterdam, on the lush grounds of Het Twiske. It’s a two-day affair where you can reunite and reconnect: with music, with the arts, with nature and—through all of the above—with each other.

There would be no Lentekabinet without Amsterdam’s blooming scene. Presented in collaboration with the most exciting crews and collectives out there, our music line-up brings together global frontrunners and fresh local gems. A day at Lentekabinet can catapult you from heartwarming house to futuristic pop, from blazing bass to experimental R&B, and vice versa. One moment you’re enjoying a heartwarming live show, the next you’re leaving all winter blues on the dance floor.

Our stages are not just for the music. Lentekabinet revolves around all-round exploration, which includes an extensive cultural program for visual arts, performance, creative dialogue and much more. From the artists we platform to our stage and communication design, the entire festival shines a sunny spotlight on emerging talent from our community. Stay tuned for more information about this edition’s art billing, which will be revealed at the start of 2024.

Since our first edition, Het Twiske has been Lentekabinet’s natural habitat. The towering trees and scenic meadows make our festival what it is. We’re committed to keeping it green: we provide free portable ashtrays, separate all our waste, work with a return system that keeps cups off the ground, and planted pear trees in the past. If you want to know more about our broader sustainability efforts, click here.

We want Lentekabinet to be a welcoming and (socially) safer place, free from harassment for everyone — regardless of your age, sexual preference, gender identity, abilities, ethnicity, religion or appearance. Our Code of Conduct describes the expectations we have of our visitors, guests and crew and can be found here. On the festival grounds, our independent advisors from Stichting Sexmatters facilitate a Social Safety Team, to support our mission of making everyone feel safe in het Twiske.

Ready to let the sun back in? We can’t wait to see you in Het Twiske. ♥