Lentekabinet '24 arts and culture programme: delve into new worlds and let the artists at Lentekabinet inspire you to dream, dance and discover

For the eleventh edition of Lentekabinet, we have invited a variety of international and local artists, and we are yet again teaming up with other cultural kindred spirits. This year our programme is partly developed in collaboration with Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond. Under the soft spring sun, amidst the lush greens of Het Twiske, our arts & culture programme adds another dimension of fun to Lentekabinet's already exciting music lineup. Scroll down for more info about each of the artists!


Flags are a given at most festivals; they have the ability to connect, to announce something, give a warning or unite people. But who creates these signs and what stories do they tell? Since 2016, a Ghent-based artist collective 019 has invited artists to create flags for their massive flagpole. This pole, probably the largest in Europe, became a kind of mobile exhibition space. At Lentekabinet, more than twenty different flags from the archives of 019 will pop up all over the festival terrain.

Atelier Brenda

Atelier Brenda is a design studio and agency led by creative directors and independent graphic designers Nana Esi and Sophie Keij. Their practice is primarily a collaboration and a role play in which they focus on graphic design and creative direction. Being behind this year's Lentekabinet's visual identity, they have crafted a new flag exclusively for the festival. This flag will be added to the collection of 019. Their whimsical and dreamlike designs perfectly capture the joyful interplay of graphic design, arts, and music.

David Bernstein

Questions of connection and contemplation are central in the practice of David Bernstein. For Saunra (2017) the artist turned his Fiat Multipla into a cozy sauna: from a mobile vehicle that fits a whole family, to a space for warmth, relaxation, and healing. Take a seat, warm up and listen to the music of Sun Ra. With this humorous work, Bernstein creates a small, mobile sanctuary. A comforting space to briefly escape the chaos of the world.

Farida Sedoc

Especially for Lentekabinet, visual artist Farida Sedoc will develop a large-scale installation responding to the festival's people, atmosphere, and sounds. Sedoc is interested in the way in which the city and its citizens meet, and explores the influence of economics, heritage, and politics on the future of community life. The work Grassroots (2024) aims to create a space where local communities and audiences link to contemplate the vast questions of understanding global influence and diverse cultural communities in the Netherlands today.

Joseph Wilson

Queer artist, activist, and drag performer, Joseph Wilson draws inspiration from his own life and the broader LGBTQIA+ community. Wilson is based in a diverse community of East London and works mainly in film, where his work aims to amplify the voices of his community and celebrate their stories. At Lentekabinet we will show a compilation of three of his short movies.

Kenneth Letsoin

As you enter the festival, your attention will be instantly captivated by an artwork, as Kenneth Letsoin will adorn the entrance with a hundred-meter-long abstract roof painting. His work is rooted in tradition yet boldly innovative, inviting viewers to see the world through his eyes. Letsoin’s bright, layered and energetic painting will set the tone for the many exciting things to come.

Nelly Dansen

Nelke Mast, also known as Nelly Dansen, is a multidisciplinary artist who explores and visualizes ideas around erotic capital and gendered stereotypes - such as the bimbo - in a critical but also humorous way. How have these stereotypes come into being and can we reclaim these images? In her latest video Love in the digital age (2023) she questions the meaning of love in an increasingly digitized society. How do data and technology manage to warm our hearts so quickly?